Backup size question - full Backup older than is not deleted

Moin Moin,

long time ago…, because everything works fine - despite my destructive ignorance!

Ok, there’s no panic, but I do not understand the size of my backup. First I choose delete full Backup after 4 Weeks. But after after 3 Month the size of the backup started to get greater and greater! I do not know how much the incremental backup creates overhead! But my data-size is:

SourceFiles 62057 SourceFileSize 136478609155 (127 GB) NewFiles 277 NewFileSize 2550067 (2.43 MB) DeletedFiles 1 ChangedFiles 123 ChangedFileSize 77251242 (73.7 MB) ChangedDeltaSize 0 (0 bytes) DeltaEntries 401 RawDeltaSize 34156388 (32.6 MB) TotalDestinationSizeChange 5841942 (5.57 MB) Errors 0


the result today:(even I did changed to delete full Backup after 2 weeks)

Disk Usage:
Size Used Available Use%
1.79 TB 1.04 TB 679.20 GB 57.88%

Here my settings:

Is ther anything I could check?

thx for response


Could you post also your server disks space?


hope you mean this:


And my data is stored in one to home linked 3rd disk with 577 free from 697 GB



Make sure the backup package is up to date, as there was a bug related to duplicity and older backups:

thx for response - I’ve just looked in the forum but didn’t found any related post!

Updated! - we will have a look…

Thx :smiley:

Do you backup to a NAS with trashbin “feature”
I encountered this once. The backups were deleted correctly but the disckspace on the NAS was getting fuller and fuller untill backups failed because of lack of diskspace.
This (synology) NAS had the trashbin “feature” on so deleted files didn’t leave the NAS… Took a while to find that out… :zipper_mouth_face:

Hi Rob,

no, just usb-Disk but the share has activated “Network recycle bin”?


It’s a longshot, but you could start emptying and disabling that for the share… Then see what happens after next backup…

Check that your backup data version is the latest. It should be 1.5.1

Installed Packages
nethserver-backup-data.noarch 1.5.2-1.ns7 @nethserver-updates


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I’ll wait Monday - and than I’ll give your suggestion a chance - but my Recycle folder has only 50 mb…

Disk Usage:
Size Used Available Use%
1.79 TB 361.43 GB 1.35 TB 19.71%