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Hi, I have a question concerning backup and of course restore. I coming from SME, I was using workstation backup on external USB disk, worked well for me. Now with NS 7.9 (installation physical server) I have chosen Duplicity engine, which looked the most close option to SME experience, with full backup and daily incremental backups.

Now, the main question I have, if I don’t change anything from the excluded and included paths as on the picture will it make a backup which I can eventually restore to freshly installed NS 7.9 and get all users, mails and configurations?

I do understand that there is configuration backup and data backup. For the disaster recovery restoration I have to follow these steps (my understanding from the documentation):

  • Fresh install of NS 7.9, update it
  • Restore configuration backup (with Restore network configuration and Reinstall packages enabled)
  • Restore data backup (in my case from Duplicity engine)

After these steps I should end up with fully configured server and all the user data (accounts, mails etc.).

In case I need to restore only certain files from the backup, this option is also available and I can do it from the backups.

I will for sure test it on VM as well, but just to know whether this is correct understanding. I have read it about backups and snapshots with and within Proxmox VE, but that would be for next opportunity.

Yes, that’s exactly the way it works.

Snapshotting on virtualization level is really nice and fast. For example take a snapshot before a major version update, if something goes wrong just go back to the snapshot. Restoring from regular backup via disaster recovery would take much longer.


There’s also hotsync, it uses a slave that you can make active if the master has problems.

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Hi Miroslav

Yes, this should work. And I also use double backups, a proxmox backup and a nethserver backup. And both are also out of house…

But test it in a VM. and restore on a VM. If you feel OK with it then you’re fine!

Hotsync, IMAPsync, the new mailpilar (Mailbackup/Archive) (Also PBS…)…

As the old saying goes: rather a backup too many, than one too few!
And don’t do Schrödinger Backups: Test and verify you can open a few testmails via Webmail, files are accessible, etc.

My 2 cents

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Thank you for the replay and the tips, the documentation looks really god.

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Hi Andy,

It is correct, better to have too many than too few :).

Tested and verified as restoreable, at least two!