Backup rsync over sftp

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: backup

I configured a backup with rsync on sftp. The first time the file backup.marker file is created, this error is also generated.

Same thing for subsequent bakups. I have seen that the declared port is the 22 actually it would be 1212.


I think you found a bug (the code might be missing the port parameter, unless the port is set on another phase):

and same goes for sftp on restic:

The output message you got is from rsync_tmbackup script (which accepts the port parameter).

I think that’s not a bug, but a missing feature: a custom SFTP port.

Sorry, i am wrong!
The prop exists…

and it’s called SftpPort
Maybe a sort of getprop SftpPort could output 22
Therfore, a correct setport could do the workaround for lacking interface… The db toolbox seems here
This Backup is the configuration backup? or it’s a “data” backup called backupconfig?

'cause Cockpit Interface handles the SftpPort…

And Rsync + Sftp is part of “cockpit only” version of Backup (multiple backups).

(and I cannot generate an SFTP test configuration without an SFTP host to “test”)

I’m using restic over sftp on port 2222 without problems.

I’ve reproduced the bug of rsync over sftp on non standard port.


this backup is “data” backup called backupconfig.
I created the backup in the well and set the port to SFTP Port to 1212. At the first run the system correctly writes the backup.marker file but fails and returns the error I indicated above.


Please @AndreLinux something to test

Could you verify the issue

yum install
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Hi Stephane,

thanks for everything,

do you think I can install it in a production environment?

Yes, it’s safe :wink:

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The issue has been fixed.

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I confirm that the issue has been solved.