Backup result mail doesn't arrive on aruba and some other mail

I’ve set the backup module to send a mail only in case of error.
But i’ve discovered that mail address on aruba mail, on joomlahost, or libero don’t accept mail from a unqualified mail server (no public domain, no spf, no dkim) . So, on that mail address we never receive the alert on error. The mail are simply rejected by aruba (or other) mail server. Not even marked as spam in the mailbox, are simply completely rejected and never notified in any way.

To mail address on gmail works all fine. First time you will receive the alert mail marked as spam in the spam box, but if you mark it as not spam, after all works fine.

There is a way to send the alert mail through an external smtp server as many commercial nas ? It will be wonderful !

Sure, but you have to install the email module (or at least the smtp proxy module):

Ok :wink:
After install the email module, will duplicity use automatically the smarthost to send the alert email ?

Indeed! :wink:

Would this also solve my (similar?) issue detailed here: