Backup-oriented Google Drive Client

Please, yell at me now, call me fool, unconscious, not wise, not caring about privacy… you are already right. Throw the stone, bury me but please, move on to the next step. :wink:

I have (and some other people has) an already populated gDrive. And I cannot switch the service for another one (i already have 50GB Box.Com account guys, don’t try to “sell” me another cloud space :wink: )
And… as OVH Strasbourg show, don’t trust “so much” the cloud infrastructure to be my only safeboat.
So… I want a total dump of my (and not only my) gDrive directory structure to a directory of my PC.
Linux, WIndows… any sauce, any flavour.

Backup and sync: not an option. It’s an upload tool, not a sync one.
Google Drive: also not an option: not only does not sync the content, but it’s… a GDriveFS bridge, but it’s not allowing me to “write gDrive content into a folder”.

So… Anyone has some hint/experience to share for having the files on a directory?
Any hint is welcome.

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Sounds like a job for rclone:


Thanks, for starting. Going on it during the weekend.

I am using stackstorage as backup target. It is a service by a Dutch company called TransIP and based on owncloud.
Therefore it is possible to connect through webdav. I have currently 2 servers that backup using restic encrypted backup with webdav connection to that storage. Each server has it’s own directory in the root of the storage. For EUR5,- per month I have 1TB of cloud storage.

A nice utility I use to sync directories is with usually along with TrueNAS as my file storage target.

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Still not had a run for the show. But i will get into it quite soon.

I use additionally resilio sync for Synology DSM and MacOS-Clients. This guys (former BitTorrent Sync…former BitTorrent) really knows how to sync stuff.

And I don’t have to use a central instance as a single point of failure, as a central point of attack, as a singular failure risk.

DL for Linux:

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