Backup on to windows shared folder

Hi All,
Am a new comer to this community. Installed Nethserver and now under testing.
Need small help in configuring the backup (data).
I have a windows server, in which a shared folder is created to backup the data.
When I give the configuration (CIFS), am getting error.
Please help me, how to use this method.
Probably a step by step is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Does this help? This is on 6.8.

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you’d start telling us the error :wink:

The following is the error reported by the server through mail

2016-08-20 13:40:03 - START - Backup data started
2016-08-20 13:40:10 - ERROR - Error while mounting\mailbackup : Unable to find suitable address.
2016-08-20 13:40:11 - ERROR - Event pre-backup-data failed - 1

Wintemp is the hostname of windows VM
and is the IP address of the IP.

This is my screenshot with a working configuration.

Maybe your must change share name in backup/server9b


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Finally got it. It is my silly mistake, that am giving wrong IP address.