Backup of Webtop Contacts and Calendar

Hi friends,

what is the best possibility to backup webtop calendar and contacts.
I need a short way to bring my contacts and calendar from my mainserver to a testserver.



Probably not the best or shortest but the least techie!

When I’ve moved calendars and contacts I used the client app to export them as ics files then uploaded those to the new server location. Maybe not so good if you have a lot of calendars or address books but I managed 8 to 10 with ease.

But that assumes you also use an app and not just the web interface for Webtop.

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Hi David,

on the clients we used thunderbird. With thunderbird i can export calendars and contacts.
But I’m not sure whether the way back to the fresh installation will work.
I have only four calendars and cardbooks.

Here’s what I think I did…

Export the calendars and contacts.

  1. Create a new account in Thunderbird (assuming it’s much the same as my apps) using the new server details (and assuming a user account on that server).

  2. Import the ics files to the new server using Thunderbird.

  3. Check and test then remove the ‘old’ accounts from TB.

I did this as part of a permanent server move. There’s no syncing between the servers so be aware of that if you plan to keep your original server and are just testing another. (In which case you won’t want to delete the original in TB!).

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Thank you. I will test it and report the result here.

Hi @transocean,
currently the only way to export calendars from webtop in ICS format is what he suggested @DavidG:

Export directly from the interface is provided in the roadmap :wink:

Instead the import from ICS file of events has always been possible from the interface: right click on the calendar -> import events



What is about nethserver backup. I think it also contains calenders and addressbooks, or am I wrong?

The data backup includes the dump of the entire postgres webtop5 db.

If you only need some calendars and some address books, it is not so easy to extract them from the dump :wink:

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Thanks for your fast answer.

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Hi friends,

i can now report that a backup of calendars and contacts with Thunderbird works. The return of the contacts to the server also works with thunderbird. The calendar recovery can be done with importing events without any problems. Simply load the ICal file created with Thunderbird and you have your calendar back on your screen.

Nethserver and WebTop … Life can be so simple …

Stay safe and healty…