Backup of Sogo Contacts and Calendar

NethServer Version: 7.2 RC2
Module: Sogo 3.2

I am trying to check the Backup System a bit. I ask myself if the Backup is also Backup my Contacts and Calender Entrys. Where Sogo stores these kind of data? And do the Backup save also that? I see the Backup saves the Mails etc. but i think not the Contatti or the calender. can someone give a shout about that?

Hi Kai, thnx for bringing this up

Sogo stores its data in a mysql date base (/var/lib/mysql/sogo). Fortunately sogo comes with the sogo-tool you do not need to make database dumps for backing up SOGo data.

Nethserver-sogo comes with a script to make a back-up of the data, unfortunate we still have to make a restore script. This is because the sogo-tool does not have a restore ALL command, we have to make a script which cycles trough all users.

If you using the testing package of netherver-sogo you hit a bug, it does not backup the sogo data.
(check for nethserver-sogo version)

rpm -q nethserver-sogo

You can fix the sogo data back-up, or wait a while for a update. (to fix it the testing package rightnow :
mv /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-sogo-backup-user \ /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-sogo-backup-users

The SOGo data (sogo-backup.tgz ) should be included in your backup-set now. Keep in mind restore is not working, so it is rather useless.

It is possible to restore de data manually by extracting sogo-backup.tgz to a directory and for each user do

sogo-tool restore -p /path_to_dir [user]
sogo-tool restore -f ALL /path_to_dir [user]

For manual backup and restore see also: (there is an example of a script for restoring all users)
and (this is ns6.8, On ns7 we do not have to su -s ‘/bin/bash’ )


thanks a lot, will have a look at it

you have also a rpm to backup all mysqldb, it is based on automysqlbackup -> nethserver-automysqlbackup

the restoration is manual, even so we could make a script to do it.

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fixed the nehserver-sogo-backup-users action
(in nethforge testing, version 1.6.1-1.14.g6835f7b).

Still testing the sogo-data restore, so it is not included now

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