Backup module for NS7 on Rpi

NethServer Version: NS7
Module: any kind of backup module

Hi everyone,

does anyone know a backup module like Urbackup (Client/Server), that is working on NS7 on a raspberry pi? I trief to install Urbackup, but it is not possible on arm, as I figured out with Stephane.



Hi Mario

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I don’t quite understand your question… Do you want to backup your NethServer on a Raspberry - or do you want to backup your Raspberry on your NethServer?

If you want to install Urbackup on a Raspberry, I only see an image for the very old RP2 here:

My 2 cents

Hi Andy,

thank you for your message. I currently run an RPi with NS7. I want to install a backup server module on it, to backup all my other machines (Windows, Linux, RPi) in my network. But the current version from Stephanes repo is not working on an RPi.

The project is fun but I do not know if the rpi will be enough powerfull for this, backup of remote client is something heavy sometimes, mainly when you use data deduplication.

@stephdl @m80falcon

Raspberry PI: It’s not only data deduplication which can and does take quite some CPU and IO.

But let’s face facts: a halfway decent Backup Server needs to have IO capability, and needs to handle for starters the gigabits hrown at it, store those gigas somewhere - and all that before it even starts with any real processing.

Now, the Raspberry as a typical low power SOC with almost all IO basically passed through a single multiplexed USB3 interface is just not scratching the surface… LAN and Disk are through the same Interface, meaning you can never get close to gigabit LAN performance, let alone SATA speeds…

Don’t get me wrong:
I love Raspberry PIs and almost all my 30 clients have one running as NUT Server monitoring the UPSes and reporting to Zabbix. But I don’t think of using a Raspberry when I WANT IO and Performance!

Maybe Backup-PC might work…

My 2 cents


yes I am pretty sure about it. It is more or less a project, to see what is possible with it. I am currently running a little “serverfarm” of 3 RPi’s. One is a domain controller, connected via WLAN to my normal network. he routes also the traffic between the subnets. Another one is running wit NS7, currently as a mail server with pop3 connector and mail relay. The last one, an older modell, is running as WLAN AP, to connect mobile devices to this little network. Just for testing purposes I would like to play around wit the possibilites of backups.

I just saw that there is docker version of urbackup, but I even cant get a docker installed :slight_smile:

You can install docker on Raspberry, it actually works quite well.
(Depending on your modell, the RP4 has enough RAM for playing around…)

I’m running 4 RPis at home right now. One, running HomeAssistant (Running as a Docker App!) is my home control. Two are running OSMC/Kodi and a forth has a Desktop with RDP.


Docker as a NS7 module?

No, install docker directly on a dedicated Raspberry…

we provide nethserver-docker but I never tested it on arm