Backup From PC to NetH FTP folder


Nethserver 7.3.1611—Module FTP
Hi everyone,
I didn’t understand the operation of the FTP.
I use Cobian Backup and I would like to make backups on an FTP folder.
Cobian returns the following error: ERR can not change the remote folder with “”: Failed to change directory.
There are few options in the Nethserver FTP configuration and I have used all of them.
Do I have to configure Nethserver FTP otherwise or is the problem in Cobian Backup? Has anyone tried this kind of configuration?

You might have to use a system user and disable chroot, depending on where the target directory is located. Take a look here.


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Sorry my mistake.
I tried with another software and copying via ftp goes fine.
Even Cobian works correctly, the error is only released when you click the “test” button.
Thank you