Backup file list in restore GUI


It would have been great if we could mount a network drive and browse backup files stored on it for restore purpose.
right now we can only see files stored on server locally. usually we store backup files on a network location for disaster recovery purpose.

So browsing such files from mounted network drives makes more sense :slight_smile:
i believe nethserver team is capable of doing :wink:


You can install the restore package (nethserver-restore-data).
The web interface will show a list of directories to restore.

Its already installed. Seems you didn’t read my question.

@imzargar, I can’t understand your problem. Do you receive an error? Or are you asking for a new feature?
Could you try to expand your reasoning?
I keep backups on a NAS and I can restore from the web user interface.

Can you browse backup files stored on nas drive? Using webgui?

Yes, there’s a drop down menu listing all backups. See Backup file in the screenshot below:

Yes those are backups located on the server, not on a network device.

As I said, those backups are on a remote NAS (a qnap).

Which is good but how did you configure it? I have configured nas share for saving backups, but i don’t see the share listed in restore option :confused:

That’s not so fair man, we always try to read through your questions but you should understand that it’s not always straightforward getting the requester’s aim.

I don’t see the share listed in the restore option because NethServer permits just one backup destination
Do you have a successful backup at least?

Yes i was able to mount NAS share and take backup succesfuly, however same share should be visible in restore page if its already mounted…right?

P.S: pardon my language. I didn’t mean to be rude :slight_smile:

That’s under the hood, on the WebUI you can see just the backup set

Sorry I didn’t get what you mean by under the hood. You mean this feature is hidden? Or not available yet?
Are the backups available on restore WebGUI the ones stored on server? How could we browse backups stored on nas drive to restore them?

No, the page lists the backup stored wherever you configured it (usb, nfs, cifs share, etc).
It uses a local duc index created after the backup.

Using the command “backup-data-list”.
Duplicity stores the files in its own format, you can’t simply browse saved files.

If you want to see dulicity files, just mount the share.

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