Backup exclusion does not work

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: backup

I have a problem with my backup. I have added a USB NTFS disk mounted as a share folder in /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/oeuf/. So I have added this to my personal exclusion list because I don’t need to backup this disk. But it keeps trying to backup its files. I have tried as well to add wildcards, without success.
Any idea? Thanks

Would you please post the output of cat /etc/backup-config.d/custom.exclude

[root@srv ~]# cat /etc/backup-config.d/custom.exclude
[root@srv ~]#

The file to modify is /etc/backup-data.d/custom.exclude

And docs should be a little… clarified…

I don’t see why it keeps trying to backup files from this drive. I don’t know what to change.

It seems you wrote the exclusions to the wrong file.

You entered them to /etc/backup-config.d/custom.exclude instead of /etc/backup-data.d/custom.exclude

I cated /etc/backup-config.d/custom.exclude because that is what Pike asked me. Seeing nothing, I edited the file to add my path, giving the above cat. But in fact, the file I effectively modified is /etc/backup-data.d/custom.exclude.
[root@srv ~]# cat /etc/backup-data.d/custom.exclude
[root@srv ~]#
I cleared the config custom.exclude file.
I even cleared the data custom.exclude and and added my path through the web interface as well.
Thanks for your ideas

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