Backup data "Now" Button

Would be kind of cool if there was a “backup data now” button like there is on the configuration backup interface. :smiley:

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This recalls some discussions we had in the past

/edit @jlibster why do you need it?

We discussed it many times, people need it to check if the backup configuration is ok or to force the first backup now without waiting for the scheduled time.
Which is your scenario @jlibster ?

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For sure this would be my scenario

Yes, my net admin asked about it.

Good but I suggest take another approach here. Not a complete backup but just a check

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I did something similar on SME10 last summer @davidep , and in fact I did a validator to ping the remote share, display the availability, and save settings even if the remote doesn’t answer…why because you might have a host with wake on lan. The settings might are good, but the host is not awake.


Sounds great, what does adding it on NS involve? Do you have any idea?