Backup data and VolSize


(Michel-André) #1

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Backup

Hi all,

I would like to set the VolSize to at least 1024MB for the backup-data, 250MB make lot of files…
I tried with config setprop backup-data VolSize 1024 followed by /etc/e-smith/events/actions/system-adjust but it didn’t change the size. It looks like I don’t have the right signal-event, expand command, or something else?

Third last thing to finish my migration from SME to NS…

Any suggestion appreciated,


(Ralf Jeckel) #2

Hi Michel-Andre,

with db backups show, you can show your current config. There is a property “VolSize=250” (default).

db backups setprop backup-data VolSize 1024 to change the property to 1024 and than
signal-event nethserver-backup-data-update should do it, I think.

Hope this helps.

(Michel-André) #3

Hi Ralf,

Thank you very much, it worked.

Two more little problems and the migration will be a total victory.


(Michael Kicks) #4

Why choose a bigger backup chunk size?

(Michel-André) #5

Hi Michael,

Easier to look at all the backup files.