Backup Configuration Bug or human error?


just a question if this is a bug or an error on my side:

Within the backup module I excluded the following path

This path contains backups from external servers per file. Only on is really important to me:
I included this path in the included path

Today I wanted to counter-check if everything works, however no file form /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/ecodms was available.

Is this a wanted behavior and if so, what is the use of the “include path” field? If this is a wanted behavior, that filed is i.o.o. not meaningful …


NethServer Version: 7
Module: your_module


Hi Thorsten

Include is for files not normally included in NethServer backup, for example if you installed an app in /opt/app-whatever, you’ld need to include that in the Backup.

AFAIK, If you Excluded a whole Folder, you can’t (re-)Include a subfolder of an excluded folder.
You’ld need to exclude folders individually. (In your case, from Backups)

My 2 cents

What backup engine are you using?


I’m sorry I couldn’t find time to investigate this issue.

Despite what the manual of duplicity says, I can confirm the behavior you are seeing.
I think it’s a bug in duplicity, but I need much more time to check its sources.

Restic has a similar behavior, I will investigate later.

RsyncTM works as expected. It could be a workaround until we fix the issue.