Backup and Restore Options in GUI

This is more of nit-picking.
I have been checking the latest version of NS and noticed that Backup (configuration), Backup (Data) and Restore files menus are in different places. Infact Restore files is down like after five or so unrelated menu options from Backup options.

Can we have a combined menu called say, Backup and Restore, and in it have it contain the all the Backup and Restore tabs like we have for Email, DNS, DHCP etc menus instead ?


I think it’s a good idea. But we should think about the full structere of the menue, it is sorted alphabetically, so the order at the german (or any other language) menue is an other as the english menue.

I think that the framework (NethGUI) doesn’t support custom menu ordering. Right @davidep?

No it doesn’t. I’d like the idea of a single menu entry for both backup and restore, but it’s a huge work. We will probably do it in the next gen UI (cockpit)

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