Backup Amazon s3


It is possible to do the backup data from nethserver to my account on Amazon S3?

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S3 is not supported out of the box.
Duplicity (the software used to make backups) supports S3. You will need to read duplicity documentation about S3 and, maybe, customize the default backup script coming with NethServer.
I made some efforts in the past, ask me if you need help.

Hi have The user the Access Key Id and Secret Access Key, but I never worked with this before and I don’t know Duplicity.

You any exemple?


I can Install the Duplicity on nethserver???

and how I do that, I’m new on linux, so if you can help I appreciate :smile:

Can you create a doc HowTo??

For dummies??? (I’m one)

Why do you want to use S3? You have considered that your data is not only for you when you use (large) US based companies? Due to the absurd US laws (patriot act etc) US based companies MUST allow US governmental services access to all the data.
This is one of the reasons I strictly use EU based data centres that are not owned by US based companies.

Although this is more a political issue but I think it is an important thing to think about, especially for non US users. (non US users have a very different status (read: no rights at all) in US law compared to US users.)

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good question, I will ask to my boss why he wants this there :smile:
He gonna fire me

He give me this information and with that I don’t have choice lol.

“Hey Paulo,
Amazon has a Ireland data centre which is subject to EU law which is
where I placed the bucket.
That’s the best place for us to store it and we have nothing to hide
from the government etc.
Does it support using amazon s3 as a storage option?

I am afraid that he is misinformed. Even the Ireland datacentre is subject to US law since the company is US based.
But if he starts with: ‘we have nothing to hide from the government’ there is little to question. My personal opinion is that this point of view is a bad one. I can recommend to search on for more info.

Yes, but he wants, what can I do.
So if @filippo_carletti could help I appreciate.


Search this forum, I gave instructions to use duplicity for remote backups.

But you can use the API key from the Amazon ???

found in 5 secs using “centos amazon s3 backup” keys…

“found in 5 secs using “centos amazon s3 backup” keys…” Good for you :smile:
I ask so much because I want to use without doing any mistake, my nethserver is providing the net to my company and I don’t want to test until I make sure (and I’m a noob with linux)
With that sorry my insecure

NS has already duplicity onboard (it’s the default backup sw)…

use my link as an example and follow Filippo’s advice: search here, your question has already been posted and answered…

thank you

If you are unsure about changes: TEST it before you put it on a production machine!
It shouldn’t be too hard to install a virtual environment like Virtual Box (on Windows or Linux) or KVM (if you are on linux)
Then just try if it works… If it does, and you are satisfied with it, you can implement it in production. This is quite common practice.