Back again after long abstinence

Hi friends,
I’ve been away a long time and missed you. My employer decided to change to O365 with exchange and all of its sticking points. It was and is a very hard time, but I try to be here more often the next time.
Hope you can forgive me.




Sounds like a lot of patience / patients :slight_smile:

May the force be with you!

My 2 cents


Yes, you are right, I’m so happy, that I have some Nethserver instances by customers without many problems.

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Good to see you again, glad you’re doing all right.

More or less the same for me… but I didn’t say my last word. Will NS8 be ready for production in a year ? :blush:

All the best to everybody !

Good to see you back. Sorry to hear they bought the FUD. But it’s okay. We will still be here. I have other clients who are also Microsoft fan boys :wink: If they believe it will save the day, no worries. Your just there to support it and keep it working. I hope it lightens up on the job for you sir. Don’t be a stranger. :nerd_face: