Autoupdate Software Center

NethServer Version: 7
Module: Software Center

Is there a method to have automatic updates in NethServer free version?

There’s yum-cron module, there were plans to make it part of the official nethserver release if it isn’t already.

And only a notification of “available updates”?

IIRC, yes: you can choose to only get notifications on available updates.

Nowadays nethserver-yum-cron is part of nethserver-subscription module group, but can be installed independently and is available as a core package in nethserver repos.

yum install nethserver-yum-cron
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But can I use it or I have to subscribe a plan?

You can use it without subscribing. The difference is by installing it automatically with a subscription. If you not want to subscribe you have to install it manually like Marc says.

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Thank you. This works… but on NethServer 6.9 is it possible?

Yes, at least with the community module:


yum-cron module is the way to go. Very clean interface with a few choices.
I let it download the updates but choose to install them after I give it a go manually.
I get a notification through email when new updates are available: (for the pic I removed the email address in the email field)


I just want to back what @robb said, by remanding that yum-cron will be installed as default on all new NS 7.5


Can I disable Stephdl repository after installed module?
Because it is slow to open the first page of Nethserver after that I installed that repository… and there is a new Stephdl banner in the home page.

I could not reproduce it, the dashboard doesn’t take longer to open with @stephdl module.
The dashboard module only shows ID and status, does it show “online”?
Maybe there’s another reason for the slow dashboard page…are there errors in /var/log/messages?

Yes it shows online.
Now i check in /var/log/messages.

No, there isn’t any error.

Without information on the server load, what services is running (check by htop, top), what is your bandwidth usage on the server and on your LAN (bittorrent, direct download…check with glances, iftop…)…we cannot debug

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If u explain me how to unlink your repository I can verificate immediatly if is this the problem or other…

You can remove it like other packages with yum remove nethserver-stephdl but I am afraid it won’t help. Many people use the repo, I run stephdl repo on all of my servers and never encountered such an issue. It doesn’t even take ressources.

How long does the dashboard take to open? On my raspi it takes about 5 seconds on other devices with more/better RAM/CPU up to 2 seconds.

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Removing the library it works fine.

Added modules (like Automatic updates) working fine yet, correct?

which library ? I assume you speak about my repository

without my repository settings you won’t be able to upgrade anymore, nor install other rpms from my repository

Yes… the repository sorry.
Package doesn’t works without repo?

Does the repo use particular ports to connect to the Internet?