Automatic yum update

Reading this brings me some ideas

I’m not a fan of automatic updates, I love to see what I apply, mainly because I want to be able to debug my problems. But I admit sometime when you want to speed up your dnf/yum update, if all rpms have been downloaded before… it is faster.

So in /etc/cron.d/DnfDownloadOnly I have something like that
* 20 * * * root dnf update -y --downloadonly

All my rpms are downloaded for a future installation, for Centos you won’t save a lot of time, but for Fedora with about 500MB of updates by week, it is a game changer :slight_smile:

Now I’m listening you if you think yum-cron is valuable, or if you have experiences on it.

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You shouldn’t need it:
IIRC fedora already does it!

Is now a yum option in 7. In v6 it was a plugin.

No direct experience, but it should do download only too…

In other words yum-cron can

  • send a notification of new updates
  • download only
  • download&install updates

Fun, I got my tricks since a long time, and recently I installed a fedora25 for my wife (exit the last window of the house) but I needed this cron to download the updates. Of course Gnome refresh the metadata and notify the updates, but it doesn’t download the updates.

As ever, I can be wrong, so if you have pointer, I’m interested :slight_smile:

The Fedora wiki gets some answer : AutoUpdates - Fedora Project Wiki