AutoConfig client as an optional module for Email

Should be nice to have this kind of feature available…

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It is available, just not as an “official” module.

Should be! Your job is amazing.

Thanks, but there’s really quite a bit of work left–I got it to the point where it did what I needed it to do and stopped. The remaining issues that I can think of are:

  • Get the LDAP connection working (both with OpenLDAP and AD) to pull the user’s full name from the server
  • Figure out why the signed .mobileconfig files don’t include the intermediate certificate (which causes errors trying to import them on iOS devices)
  • Come up with a server-manager panel to control it

On the first, I’ve had this issue open on GitHub for over a year, but being a complete n00b to Python haven’t been able to get very far. I’ve poked into the second a little bit but honestly don’t remember what was going on there; I haven’t touched the third issue at all yet.

Edit: Of course, a PR is always welcome:

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