Auto delete oldest backup when disk full?

I have recently setup a nethserver with auto backups, and what i noticed is that backups fail when the disk is full. Would it not be better to make it an option to remove the oldest backups to make room for the new backups? I rather have this, then no backups at all :frowning:


I think you are right, it would be nice.
What thinks @dev_team about this, is it possible?


I think it is possible, its just a matter of building it into the GUI :slight_smile:

@Lincee i think what you rather is a matter of policy and network project have “old enough” backups or only fresh ones.

So retain policy and auto-delete should be a choice of the sysadmin.

An old backup of a firewall should be good. An old backup of mail or file server could be valuable in case of “errata delete”