Authoritative dns server behind Nethserver

Hello guys,

I have a question. I need to setup a authoritative dns server “behind” Nethserver. In my network, Nethserver acts as a dns server but nethserver can’t act as a authoritative dns server. I have a server in my network (actually it’s a vm created from nethserver), i installed on that server ubuntu with bind. So the question is: would this setup work? I mean if a forward from nethserver port 53 to my authoritative dns server i think it would work. But, in this case, probably nethserver won’t work as a dns server for the rest of the computers from my network.

Any suggestions?

Yes it can work! We already have this setup when a local active directory accounts provider was installed: dnsmasq forwards to AD DNS.

You just need a custom template fragment for /etc/dnsmasq.conf that should look like this:


You can test it by

  • Add the line above to dnsmasq.conf by replacing the domain and ip address
  • Run systemctl reload dnsmasq

Let me know if that works