Attachment blocked


NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Module: Mail

i set the block for some e-mail attachments such as exe, doc, xls. Is it possible to set a response to the sender to warn that these attachments are not allowed?


With the multimap module of rspamd I think yes

after checking it

#reject email when the file extension is found
    type = "filename";
    filter = "extension";
    map = [
    action = "reject";
    description = "List of forbidden file extensions";
    message = "Forbidden attachment name extension";

we answer to the sender the message Forbidden attachment name extension, why it is not consistent enough for you.

Thanks #stephdl, is it a module to be installed separately? Possibly, how do you add rspamd?

It is the core part, nothing to do

Unfortunately that message is so “cryptic” that usually senders go into panic…

I filter the mails with hmailserver and wrote a script that sends back to the sender an email of why its attachment was refused and what to do to send it correctly.
The sender goes into panic the same way…:see_no_evil:

The message is stored in logs, so we decided about a short message, instead of a long message. Maybe rspamd could say what is the rejected extension, we could have a look

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Hi #stephdl,

in this config action is “reject”. However, the possibility of having as action = send message does not exist.


Actions are accept, reject, soft reject, add header, rewrite subject

EDIT : Sorry but this is static