Asterisk Update


Hi, any update for this?


Hi @ibinetwork

AFAIK, NethServer does provide a public module for FreePBX, but not directly Asterisk, which is NOT uses as such by NethServer.

In my opinion, that’s good…

My 2 cents

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FreePBX use Asterisk, and this link is a pull request of last update of asterisk 18

Then you need to wait for a FreePBX update on NethServer…

few chances, NS8 is the target

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According to the last issue raised and update released…

I think that still is Asterisk/FreePBX 14. Hoping/waiting for FreePBX 16.

:smiling_face_with_tear: its important make always updated. But ok.


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I think that was an experiment by @Stll0
What the point of the PR?


FreePBX should be update from it’s own interface. Isn’t well tested, try it before update production.
Asterisk new package 18.17.1 is in testing and will be relesed soon, we slowed down because there were some relevant changes in pjsip and we want to be safe