Assistance with installing zabbix-agent 5 on nethserver

NethServer Version: NethServer 7.9.2009

Hello @support_team Team,

I’ve installed a Zabbix Server in my office and I’m installing Zabbix Agent on each host. I’m looking for advice on how to install the zabbix agent version 5 on my Nethserver. I’ve found this page to assist:

The instructions say to run the following commands:

rpm -ivh

Once the repo has been added, install Zabbix agent by executing the following command on your terminal.

sudo yum install zabbix-agent zabbix-sender

I’ve run the above on my test Nethserver and received this message when adding the repo:

[root@nethserver2 ~]# rpm -ivh
warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.EIzeid: Header V4 RSA/SHA512 Signature, key ID a14fe591: NOKEY
Preparing...                          ################################# [100%]
        file /etc/yum.repos.d/zabbix.repo from install of zabbix-release-5.0-1.el7.noarch conflicts with file from package zabbix-release-4.4-1.el7.noarch

I’m hoping someone can assist me with the correct method to install the Zabbix Agent version 5 on my Nethserver or is it best for me to simply downaload the rpm file instead and install it that way?

Thank you.

hi @greavette,

maybe this helps:


And if that doesn’t do it, look here:


Thanks very much @mark_nl and @danb35 for your quick replies! Very much apprecaited.

I have decided to try the wiki.nethserver method to add the zabbix agent. It appears the agent installed from the wiki is version 5 so it’s up to date which is good to see.

I do have some follow-up questions though as I see a problem or perhaps I’ve misunderstood the notes from the wiki. Perhaps @mrmarkuz or @stephdl can provide input as well…

First I add mrmarkuz repo:

yum -y install

Then I install the Zabbix Agent:

yum -y install nethserver-zabbix-agent --enablerepo=mrmarkuz

There are then notes about using zabbix-agent or zabbix-agent2. I tired to use zabbix-agent2 using these commands:

config setprop zabbix-agent status disabled
config setprop zabbix-agent2 status enabled

I then needed to add my Zabbix server to the zabbix-agent config file:

config setprop zabbix-agent ServerZabbix
signal-event nethserver-zabbix-agent-update

But when I looked at /etc/zabbix and looked in the zabbix-agent2.conf file I do not see the IP address I added? But I do see the IP address I added to the zabbix_agentd.conf file which I don’t think is the correct config for zabbix-agent2. In order to get my host healthy in my Zabbix (Green ZBX) I had to disable zabbix-agent2 and enable zabbix-agent. This tells me that the commands above are not how I change my Zabbix-Agent on my nethserver to be zabbix-agent2.

Please assist what the commands I need to invoke to add my Zabbix IP to my zabbix-agent2 file.

Thank you.

If it is not a typo you need to set it for zabbix-agent2 like

config setprop zabbix-agent2 ServerZabbix
signal-event nethserver-zabbix-agent-update


Thank you @mrmarkuz…it does seem I had a typo in my commands. I’ve issued the command you suggested and confirmed that my agent2 config file is updated properly with my Zabbix Server IP.

All good now…my Nethserver has been added to my Zabbix. Now I can look at the extra monitoring goodies that @stephdl has added for monitoring to Nethserver from Zabbix. :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for your help.