Assign different sites based on DNS path?

First I want to apologize for the vague title. I will be the first to admit that I am not even sure if what I am asking for is possible. I have a barely passable knowledge of setting up simple networks and I have a question on running multiple services on on machine with one IP. I know how to bind different services to different IPs but I am limited to the one at the moment. I have nethserver running both webmail and owncloud on a static IP with DNS service to that IP.

Currently if you go to mail or it goes to the root http folder of my server.

mail or for webmail.

mail or for owncloud

All default stuff.

SOoOO, my questions are.

Is it possible for my server to know if it was being accessed from of

Or is there a specific type of DNS entry I can request from my registrar that will pass on to a specific directory on my server?

Thanks in advance for any help, and if I am posting this in the wrong area please let me know and I will remove.

Hello Paul,
I think you better move your question to the support cattegorie.

But now the problem:
Can you explain me some things? You have installed nethserver with owncloud and sogo or webtop is it right?
You wrote [quote=“pguerra, post:1, topic:4357”]
Is it possible for my server to know if it was being accessed from of

Do you mean if it is possible to access for sogo/webtop and for mycloud on your server from a client?
So I think you have work with vhosts. Look at Scared to try to use NS and vhosts at posts 10 to 14.

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