Assign a Wan internet connection to certain IPs on the local network

NethServer Version: NethServer Enterprise 7.9.2009

Module: WAN

Good morning, I don’t have much experience with NethServer Enterprise. On my Nethesis firewall I have 2 internet connections, one on Wan 3 and one on Wan 4. I would like certain PCs on the network to only use Wan3 to access the internet. It’s possible ?

On the PC’s you cloud set a proxy pointing to the internal IP address of the desired WAN connection? Enforcing a route is a different ballgame.

It could be a solution. How should I set up the proxy to achieve this? The PCs run Windows 10 Pro.

I’m sorry, I don’t know for I do not use Windows. Please Google “windows proxy settings”. It might well be that proxy (Internet traffic) is not sufficient for your purposes and you may need to need to study persistent routes.