Article Updates

After reviewing some of my articles that I have posted here and on, I have noticed a few minor mistakes (mainly spelling errors).

I have already updated the documents on articles but would like to replicate these changes on the same articles that I have added to this site. I am asking if yourself or another forum administrator could unlock the following articles so that I can include these changes.


Thanks in advance.

Maybe because I have mod rights, but I see the option to edit your posts. Can’t you, as original writer, edit your posts?
Another option is to (temporary) wikify those posts, but then anyone can edit them.

For some reason, I can’t edit my own posts (I think that after a specific amount of time, these post become locked even for the original content creator).

@medworthy, do you want the posts to become wikified for a while?

If the term “wikified” means that I can edit them, the yes please.

You can edit the articles now. Just give a shout when you are done so I can remove the wiki tag again.

Thanks, much appreciated.