Arm Housekeeping

Being pretty close to the first final releases for armhfp (32 bit) a bit housekeeping; meaning it’s not very urgent. :grinning:

@davidep : To be able to rebuild nethserver-dc arm ns-samba “Assets” should be available NethServer/ns-samba. Is it possible to grep those from my fork and include them in the 4.9.18 release?

@stephdl : A while ago I’v switched from my own rspamd git-repo to a fork building it for Fedora. In the nethsever github-repositories lives a fork of the older one.

Can this be replaced with a fork we actuality using for arm?

(BTW because of native missing hyperscan on el7 in the spec-file arm and aarch64 are exclusive arch’s to avoid the impression nethserver uses this on x86_64)

Gtrz Mark


simple you are admin of


thanx, did not know that :grinning:

Will update it and maintain it there :+1:

you asked, I did :smiley:

I guess I’ve to upload your RPM to the expected URL… I’ll sleep on it :wink:

Edit: @mark_nl, release updated! Release 4.9.18 · NethServer/ns-samba · GitHub

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I have troubles in merging my git rspamd-SPEC repo with the one @nethserver. The origins are different and the only solution I can think of is a blunt force push. Basically meaning overwriting every thing and any clone / fork would become pretty useless…

before doing so i’d like concent of @stephdl and @giacomo - or - do you have suggestions for a cleaner solution?

Rename my branch to old or stephdl or whatever you think valuable, use yours as master :slight_smile:

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Figured out how to do it clean:

So they are merged without a force push :innocent: