ARM development: next steps

Just did a quick test using curl, seems good:

curl ''
curl ''

it seems ok to me, for aarch64 and armhfp. tnx!

ops… i talked too early… i’ve done a full update, but now i got error on sclo which didn’t exist for aarch64

more tests, later…

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Please give me the official URLs [or open a PR for them]!

This is from nethserver repo file:



Disabled it manually, like @dz00te said.

sorry I do not think I understood :thinking:
the problem is that ther is no official url… i mean if you check a mirrror:
only sclo-rh exixst for aarch64, while for armhfp there is no sclo* at all

i don’t know if it’s possible to manage this from mirrorlist (that will be probably the best solution), otherwise the only solution i see is to change
check the arch and and enable/disable [ce-sclo-sclo]
and [ce-sclo-rh] depending on the arch… but probably i miss something… :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I forgot that …it’s the kind of input I need :smile:

IIRC packages that we recompile from EPEL and SCLo as dependencies for our modules will go to nethserver-updates/armhfp. Wherever an upstream mirror exists, mirrorlist will point to it.

Otherwise it could point to an empty/dummy repo and its packages are expected to be in nethserver-updates (or nethserver-base).


Yesterday I was able to install CentOS on a new Raspberry Pi4 2GB via this link:

After expanding the root partition I inserted the uSD into the Pi and was able to install NethServer:

yum install -y

I had still some problems:

  • repo’s ce-sclo-sclo and ce-sclo-rh still had to be disabled manually; I don’t know the implication of this;
  • openVPN could not be installed;
  • rspamd as part of nethserver-mail-filter could not be installed.

What are the options to solve these problems?

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You shouldn’t have any major drawbacks.

I have no idea on this.

I don’t know :slight_smile: The ARM project is community driven but it’s a little bit stuck.
Maybe @dz00te or other ARM users can help to solve your problems :slight_smile:

The rspamd rpm has been done manually by @mark_nl AFAIK, maybe he can upgrade the version or share his note to do it ourself ?

the last src.rpm I know is :

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Installation of nethserver-mail-filter requires rspamd ≥ 1.9.1. I really have no idea how to upgrade this. @mark_nl can you point me in the right direction?

I hope the ARM project stays alive. Older Pi’s were not so powerfull; other boards were more powerfull, but I wasn’t able to install a recent version of Centos on it. I believe the new Pi4 will change this and might be a energy-saving server for soho-use.

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I think it’s the same problem as with evebox, it’s not compiled for arm in the new version.

Perhaps @smutje1179 can help with compiling


well I can build locally rspamd for x86_64, probably more to know for ARM, wait and see

Thank @mark_nl for the spec file

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Yes it could be, main restraint was the 1G ram with 2G or more it should perform much better!

@ftimmers give me a couple of days to update/(re)compile nethserver dependencies like rspamd for armhfp.

(Sorry for being a lousy community member…)


Thank a lot mark

Don’t worry. If you wanna come back to the party you’re welcome.


This is great! Many thanks in advance! Please take your time, I’m not in a hurry.

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I got my hands on a rpi4 4G model, it on it’s way now…

For those interested they have one last in stock… (dutch webshop)


thanlk a lot for armhfp, what about for aarch64, do you have the hardware for this work ?

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Yes, i use a odroid c2 or a scaleway vps (0.6 cent per hour or 2.99 per month) and it also possible to boot aarch64 on a rpi 3(+) :wink:

The usual workflow is build it for armhfp and then aarch64 is almost all times easy to do, so it will land a bit later in the repo’s

And meanwhile (Fedora) copr has aarch64 epel 7 as an build target :+1:


Still on the list to look in too…

Without further testing it did install oke over here, however it took an awful long time :cold_sweat:
Seems to be related to creation of certificates. From journalctl, note elapsed time 3:12

Aug 29 22:34:48 rpi4.havak.lan esmith::event[11266]: Using configuration from /var/lib/nethserver/certs/ca.cnf
Aug 29 22:38:00 rpi4.havak.lan esmith::event[11266]: Using CA Common Name: NethServer CA

crypto / entropy issue :thinking:

Rspamd 1.9.1-2 for armhfp is in testing (As you know from a PM…). Did minimal testing on it (installed and checked if it is running :hushed: )