ARM development: next steps

I briefly searched for the yum-api solution, did not find one;
And as this involves python-session, I wonder if this straightforward if-then with a hardcoded basearch for arm 32bit is good enough?

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IMO we have one necessary conditional in /usr/sbin/nethserver-install :hushed:
In short : some templates asume /usr/lib64 is present and on 32bit (armhfp) it is not.
also see: arm-dev/issues/26

This is my proposal:

Other small issue is the release status for each arch, I know it’s just optical and %post in specs are not liked so much… nevertheless my proposal is:

What do you think?

cc/ @davidep @dz00te @giacomo

I saw the patches and … :open_mouth:
Sorry but both are not acceptable, let’s find another solution! :wink:

Could you please post the list of affected templates? Let’s if we can add extra templates, if needed.

I don’t understand what is the problem here: can you make an example?

I am not sure if the list is complete, known to be affected:

/etc/e-smith/templates/etc/squid/squid.conf/20acl_10_auth line 13 and line 19

/etc/e-smith/templates/etc/openvpn/host-to-net.conf/50security line 11

BTW credits to hunt this down go to @mrmarkuz here and here

put this ugly code in nethserver-sogo a long time ago to solve it

It is pure optical, howerver may throw up questions…
If we manage to synchronize the releases in the furture it can be dropped :grinning:

Really good catch!

I prefer the Sogo code rather than a link which could break the system.

Please open a new issue containing the problem for both packages: I will gladly help to fix the templates.

For now, let’s put the “Alpha”/“Beta” tag only inside the doc, I’d prefer to not change the code for such cosmetic issue.

Will do so …
Upfront: has PERL some (environment) variables which could be use full ?.. (like pseudo-code $ARCH)

Oke, at least I tried :grin:

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I’ve found this:
But I don’t know if it is really good, I’d go with a simple file check

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the WARING part is alarming.

Small code-style question, do you want me to comment “arm specific code” or not ?

I’d say only if the code is not self-explanatory. Probably in this case it could be useful to have it.

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Modifications for Squid and OpenVPN are ready to be tested.
I also know that @Amygos did some good analysis on the Raspberry image and he found that Dedalo (Hotspot) works well!
He also pointed out another library path problem:

I think the fix can be the same of other cases.

Really thank you for the excellent work!

It’s holiday time here in Italy, I will be back on work January 7, but I will try to respond to any question during these couple of weeks!


hi all

I need some help

I do not have (yet) the hardware to test this on aarch64, please can you help here to verify the issues

others architectures are verified

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You can use a KVM machine for that: yum install qemu-system-aarch64
Download the aarch iso from CentOS mirror:

Make sure to select aarch64 when creating the VM.
During install you will have time for a trip abroad: it’s very slow!


Thanx, will test it on aarch64 this affternoon

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I would like to test a couple of issues inside an aarch64 machine, so I’ve created a new scaleway account.

But when creating a new machine, there is no CentOS image available for ARM.
What are the steps to have a running CentOS/NethServer aarch64 machine on Scaleway? Do I need to create my image?

Tested on virtual machine using qemu. Everything good.
Thank you @mark_nl!

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i’m just playing a little with some ns76 altarch to see where we are, because i was a litle absent during last two months… anyway, i think that Ultimate ns7 software updates origin policy break yum on altarch
error on software center:
failure: repodata/repomd.xml from ce-base: [Errno 256] No more mirrors to try. [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404 - Not Found

it seems that did not handle correctly with altarch, ie if the ce-base seems to redirect to
but there is no such url

to make it work i have disabled from ce-* mirrorlist and changed baseurl, ie:

and i think we should also disable some repo for altarch:
ce-sclo* for armhfp
ce-sclo-sclo for aarch64

someone else had the same problem?


Thanks for reporting, we will look into it!

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Seems like @Mr.Olie had the same problem:


Just pushed a fix to, would you mind checking it out?