ArkCase solution for Legal community

Hi @oneitonitram

With the “Leads” and “Opportunities” in the menu, it looks like part of a CRM - which it probably is…

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Now that you mention it, there’s likely a lot in common between “CRM” and “Legal case management”–which made me wonder if Odoo might also play in this field. And lo and behold:

Doesn’t look like it’s very up-to-date, though.


It’s also true, especially for Enterprise sized clients, plenty of software which can cover almost all aspects of business… ERP like SAP or Oracle’s product…

CRM itself is a part of ERP.

Chemists never liked the classification:

All chemistry is just atomic physics / interactions on the outer electron of said molecule (or atom).

They take it as belittling, however, it’s not untrue. Then again, the field of chemistry is so large itself, that biology is separated ( → organic chemistry is the simpler part).

There’s a good reason certain law practices are known as top lawyers say in finance, marriage/divorce, coporate mergers, international law - you name it! But usually only in one or two fields…

Each field - even as a lawyer - you can’t possibly cover everything, it’s just too vast, even just in one country / nation.

My 2 cents

PS: No belittling of chemists, biologists or lawyers intended, just acknowledging the vastness of some subfields… :slight_smile:

@Andy_Wismer it actually is.

we actually did some not major improvements to our crm solution, and it actually turned out so well, its one of the clients who pointed it out, so when we built functions that worked for their law firm, we noticed it can actually work so well for others, did not see the need to remove opportunities and leads, though everything not needed can be removed from the settings, and since the software is modular we can also add new functionalities, its built on php.

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Yes, there is actually alot of commonality between the two systems and fields.

Generally, we modified an existing CRM system which we built internally, and with those modifications it actually works so well for law firms, and they have sent us many recommendations,

adding nextcloud into the mix, with the Not-CRM for practise management, it works great