Are there plans to upgrade Nextcloud to version 28 for Nethserver version 7

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009

Hello Team,

I’ve updated my Nethserver version 7.9.2009 with the recent version of Nextcloud version 27.1.7.

I see that Nextcloud version 27 is EOL in 3 months on June 30th. Can support confirm if Nethserver version 7 will provide an update to Nextcloud version 28 or is this not being done and we need to upgrade our Nethserver to version 8 in order to upgrade Nextcloud?

Thank you.

According to NextCloud 28 system requirements…
oldest version of PostgreSQL supported is 12

PostgreSQL 12 is available for CentOS 7

  • adding the repository to the system will upgrade automatically to Postgre12.
  • IDK what other modules of NS7 are using PostgreSQL… not 12
  • IDK if these other modules can use later version than PostgreSQL
  • IDK if there is a way for migrate all SQL instances/DB and application from PostgreSQL not 12 to… PostgreSQL 12. In a safe, streamlined, automated way
  • Last but not least: EOS of NS7 is end of june 2024 too…

…but Nextcloud on Nethserver (7 or 8) doesn’t use PostgreSQL; it uses MariaDB (10.5 on NS7), and it uses it from RedHat’s Software Collections, so it wouldn’t replace a default version of anything.


… ok. Of which module i screwed up ( like a champ) that uses Postgre?

Thanks for correcting me, @danb35


i am curious, is there any advantages of running PGsql versions of nextcloud or disadvantages of using the mariadb versions. i know Pgsql is more powerful, but depending on implementation mariadb is equally as powerful, as shown by planetscale.

I have also been asking this question regarding upgrading nextcloud to v 28, only been afraid to ask.

my concern was mainly, and my thinking is, they are mainting v 27 in NS7 as well as NS8 to make it easy to migrate.

question is, does it mean NS8 will not get new NC 28 in ns8 because migration from NC27 in NS7 to NC28 on NS8 would be hard.

equally, if the upgrade in NS8 to NC28 will be done later or in the future, within the year, Maybe before NC 29, which is just around the corner, what happens to NC in NS7, will it still remain to be NC27.

if this is the case, what about those people who choose to run NS 7 much longer than the EOL. will they be able to easily migrate in that future?

My thinking is that, we need to upgrade to NC 28 in both NS7 as well as NS8 soon, so that, even if there are other people who choose to run NS7 much longer, they would not have it hard migrating to NS8 in the future, when NS is about to release NC29. this is assuming, its not possible to migrate from NS7 to NS8 between nextcloud versions.

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I’m not aware of any, though I think the Nextcloud forum would be a better place for that question. I think it’s largely moot at this point with respect to Nethserver, though.

The NextCloud forum is the opposite of the community here. I have given up asking.


I admit I haven’t found them very helpful either, but if anyone would know, I’d expect it to be there.