April devel updates

I would like to announce the following updates:

  • You can now create a bond with specific mode (active-backup, balance round robin, etc) from the Network page
  • New Portoguese Brazilian language (thanks to @ibinetwork )
  • New prototype for nethserver-ha (available only from testing repository), see manual: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/ha.html

Hi @giacomo,

Is this available on 6.7 final? How can I update it?

Yes, updates are on 6.7.
You can simply install updates with:

yum update
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thank you so much. with this command ntop will also update and other package?

Everything released.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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@giacomo how about DHCP parsing ? Any update regarding this?

What do you mean? Can you please link the topic?

We should parce network config files

DHCP on green will not be supported on NS 6.7.
I’m working on it only for NS 7, I will reply to the linked topic in few hours.

I mean in order not to loose connections to VPS.