Apply port range for a given NS8 App

I would like to impelment a certain App on nethserver 8, however it requires a number of ports externally to be exposed. How would one go about exposing a range of ports for the app to use.

it will have one tha it uses itself for access, but needs the othrs to expose other components as well.

I think this could be it: TCP_PORTS_RANGE, UDP_PORTS_RANGE

I think so too, just like Nethvoice/proxy allows a port range, maybe @oneitonitram can take a peek at that source code?

so basically, define port demand, 20 in build image sh

then --publish${TCP_PORTS_RANGE}:9000-9020

simply that? i highly doubt this to be the case.

I have been studying nethvoice source code almost on a daily business, its massive and has way too many moving to get a hang on what point to take.

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