Application whitelisting

Hi everyone!
I’ve tried to find anything which is similar to applocker of Windows active directory in nethserver. I am using nethserver and using active directory users and computers to manage users and groups policy.
please suggest me where do I find something which could help me to implement application whitelisting.
I want to restrict applications to user depend upon there rights and permissions. e-g:
a user wont able to open some specific apps installed on the system. etc
Thanks guys!

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you are looking to something like a SSO (single sign on), something exists on the grandmother of NethServer, lemonldap-ng, for what I know it doesn’t works OTB, you have some coding to make it work.

It could be a nice project :smiley:

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I think you may have missed the request, @stephdl
Assume 5 users (Bob, Mary, John, Lisa, Sam) and 4 apps: dice, cut, fold and brush.
All 4 apps are installed on all clients. These are local to the pc.

It seems to me that sheras88 would like to:
allow Bob (the IT man) to use all apps on all computers.
allow Mary and Lisa to use dice, cut, fold but not brush
allow John to use only brush
allow Sam to use dice and brush
via GPO used on Active Directory

@sheras88 consider that only Windows 10 supports Applocker…


A bit of searching does give some results:

On I only get a commercial option like applocker in the Linux world:


Thanks guys for help. @pike yes thats my problem.
I uploading a picture so you guys could understand easily.
Sorry I am new to this. So I have very limited knowledge.

All users are using windows 10.
Domain is running on Nethserver.
any way to restrict some apps which vary user to user
I’d really appreciate your help.