Anyone using Pidgin and skinned it for their company?

Hello Team,

I’ve installed Pidgin on most of our office’s workstations to allow for communication between our employees. It’s easy to use, autostarts and has a buddy list docked on the desktop. I’m not that familiar with Pidgin but I’ve read that I can skin it for our company. I’d like to add our company logo and personalize it if possible. Does anyone have experience with using/skinning pidgin? Any links I see to theming pidgin are old.

I’ve installed the instant messaging module from the software center in Nethserver so my Pidgin connects via XMPP. If anyone has other XMPP clients besides Pidgin they prefer I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on other apps to use.


Xmpp Is a good messagging server, i leaved a lot of years ago because had problem with multi device Sync.

From desktop to desktop works great, desktop+ mobile, chat Sync doesn’t work correctly.
Modern chat servers, like mattermost are precise in chat Sync beween devices.

Pidgin is a good client, i used a lot years ago.
If you accept limits xmpp works well.

My suggestion is move to mattermost or Matrix synapse or rocketchat.
Better mattermost because is included in Nethserver


I take it you read the pdgin theming page
Just to be sure:

Hello @robb ,

Thanks! I did read that page and I can change the color themes…but that page does not cover changing any icons or logos unless I missed that part.


Maybe you can get some inside info at the pdgin forums and ask a quesrion about rebranding pidgin there?