Any planned updates for Dynamic dns on NS7?

Hey everyone, I’m mostly a lurker, but I’ve hit a problem that has made me come out of my shell and ask for help here.

Long time user of NS7 for my small house network. I’m in a bit of a situation. I currently use googledomains but they announced their shutdown back in june and transferred over to Squarespace. Then with some free time, I figured i’d use it to change providers, like Porkbun.

But, I noticed that at the moment, NS7 dynamic DNS does not support Porkbun nor Squarespace, or at least it does not show up in the provider’s dropdown list nor as a provider in the current version of ddclient’s help output installed.

So my question is, will the dynamic DNS tool or the ddclient it’s using be updated for NS7? I believe it’s using ddclient 3.9.1 underneath, but it seems 3.11 is the latest and is when, at least, PorkBun and various new DNS providers were added to that tool.

I did consider looking at the new upcoming solutions such as NethSecurity Alpha 1 and using this time to upgrade to the new stuff. Still, from what I found in its documentation, it does not have dynamic DNS support yet. I worry that I may be limited to what DNS Providers the dynamic DNS plugin in NS7 currently supports.

Any help would be appreciated!

Doesn’t work out by selecting “custom provider settings” and manually filling the requested parameters?


I have yet to try that, but when reading up on ddclient’s docs it seems there is a field “protocol”, where ddclient knows how pass specific inputs (username, password, domains etc) to the provider and passing in all the information for you.

If the protocol for said provider does not exist, I presume it doesn’t know how to make the api call? I haven’t tried it because I do not see porkbun as a supported protocol, so I figured it wouldn’t know how to talk with the provider

that said, I can always give it a shot in a few days once the domain transfer is complete and update the post. I hadn’t started the process simply because I was looking for a guaranteed “it would work” first :slight_smile:

Seems I can’t figure out how to edit my old post, sorry for the double bump here. Porkbun DNS requires two sets of API keys to be passed to make any changes with dynamic DNS. I have no idea how to pass both keys as for example, they don’t use a ‘username’ field, but rather public API key and SECRET API key.

That said, I found another tool called Caddy that I’m trying to see if it can work as the dynamic DNS tool & reverse proxy, leaving NS7 to do all the lifting for non-HTTP/HTTPS ports. So, Caddy is sitting between my home router and NS7. I also noticed another user, a few years back brought up the idea of supporting it, and I’d definitely second it if it is still worth any consideration, Replace Apache with Caddy? - #8 by danb35

ddclient won’t support this, AFAIK we can use only login + password

As you said, support for porkbun API was added to ddclient 3.11.x.
No ddclient rpm update at the moment (the one on NS7 comes from EPEL repo). Unless someone else has built it from source.

Other ddns projects supporting porkbun:

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Thanks guys for the continued responses and help here, much appreciated :slight_smile: Definitely it seems I just had to use another tool. So , I went with spinning up a caddy container that just does the dynamic DNS, and, when needed, I just download the SSL certificate bundles from porkbun and apply it to my NS7 server instead.

Thanks everyone!