Any Free Open Source MDM?

You guys use or know?

Hi. Check #mdm tag. Some MDM were mentioned at some point.


Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

I was avoinding Headwind MDM… but okey, will try it out! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was trying to get flyve working with glpi but the app to install on android devices only works for android version 6 and under the new glpi10 is designed as a functional replacement but requires a paid subscription

I was trying to update the older app to work with new version of android but my proxmox server mother board died I’ve got a temporary server running now and will try again but while MDM is one of my goals it’s been moved to the backburner at the moment.

Keep us updated about head wind though

I think the issue with free MDM is that when they get to a working solution they get bought out


glpi10 is paid? wth.

you don’t need to pay for a subscription but they lock down the features (mainly the mdm ones)

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Hummm going to try your road first, GLPI 9.5.8 and Flyve

Going to try miradore also, looks good too, even the free option…

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I did manage to get a device enrolled and an inventory of system and software installed but failed to actually control the device (admittedly I ran out of time to do proper debugging)

As far i did research, there is no OpenSource Free reliable MDM :stuck_out_tongue:
i will try ← Up to 25 mobile devices free! It has a MSP login :slight_smile: So you carn manage multiple business with one connection

For SMB its what i need! :slight_smile:

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