Anti Virus - Proxy

7.3.1611 (rc3): your_version
Anti Virus C-ICap: your_module

I Kinda lost the tab there for anti Virus.
Any IDeas howto check , or how to make it work again …

If i remember it right, the Anti Virus is not working at the moment. After Update to Squid 3.5 and ubguard it doesent work. i hope it comes back again.

Discontinued packages
CentOS 7.3 brings Squid 3.5 which is not compatibile with current implementation of web antivirus (C-ICAP + Squidclamav), thus in this release nethserver-squidclamav has been removed. We are working to find a suitable replacement for the next release.

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You could try the package in testing:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install nethserver-squidclamav

Check it out:


@giacomo has completed development of a new implementation of the web antivirus. I’ve successfully tested it last Friday.
Note: web antivirus is going to become less useful, as more and more websites switch to https.

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OK, now it back and running


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Have you tried to download the EICAR test file? Did you see the Access denied squid page?

For manual Proxy OK
Transparent Proxy OK
Transparent with SSL NOK

Thank you for feedback. Based on your results, I’ll set the issue status to Verified and release an update.