Anti-spam system only TAGS email?

Am I correct in reading that the anti-spam system only TAGS email it
thinks is spam, and doesn’t actually BLOCK it? If it DOES block it, how
would an end user know what emails got blocked so they can release them
if they are actually good? This scenario happens all the time in email.
Is there some type of web interface or report they have access to?

IIRC the mail is tagged only in score range 5-15. Above 15 it is rejected with a permanent SMTP error. It’s the sending SMTP client that is in charge of alerting the mail sender (spammer).

There’s no quarantine and no such web interface on NethServer!

Isn’t both the tagging of possible spam, 5 -> 15 (user defined range) and what to do with definite spam > 15 selectable:


Very small change to what I said above.

The Spam message handling is for mail tagged between the thresholds.

Isn’t the Junkmail folder exposed for IMAP accounts.


hi @EddieA

Emails with higher rating at 15 they are spam and are rejected.
Those with a lower rating (5-15) you can tag them or move them to the junkmail folder (visible through IMAP and not via POP3)
I have not tried the version 7.x.