Another stupid question about firewall rules or reverse proxy

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I need to do the following:
I have 4 servers with 5 domain names inside my LAN. I need to allow all 5 domain names to be served towards the internet. When I had only 1 server I could easily just port-forward the 443th port and voila. This time, it is not working. I’ve tried setting up firewall rules by allowing from specific ports (1433, 2443, 3443… ) and forward them to my servers with the port transferred to 443. This isn’t working tho… Am I doing it right or plain bad?

Cheers for the advice!

B.R.: Bert

You may use the reverse proxy. The new virtual host name rules should solve your problem, this way you can forward based on domain names.

I’d change the topic heading as there are no stupid questions and others won’t get what the topic is about…

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Thank you! I’ll dig into it right away and set it up. :slight_smile:

Works like a charm! Thank you again. Needed to install it from the software center.

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