Announces for updates and recommendations

Exists some category with the announces for updates and recommendations.
I was on vacations since Feb 2 and now I see a huge list of updates pending.
I use SSH to connect on NS and install the updates.
So I wonder if I need to read something before to proceed, searching found something like this:

This is my current NS release

This is the list of updates pending:

Regards thanks in advance

Simply perform a yum update, review the packages to be installed and proceed if you wish. They are all upstream updates. No need to upgrade for you are already on 7.6


Thank you!

I forgot that CentOS & NS are a server grade operating system; I really like my updates after a good read of the announces.
And because this is an AD in production, well, paint me paranoid.

sssd         x86_64  1.16.2-13.el7_6.5  ce-updates   135 k
sssd-ad      x86_64  1.16.2-13.el7_6.5  ce-updates   264 k
sssd-client  x86_64  1.16.2-13.el7_6.5  ce-updates   202 k
sssd-common  x86_64  1.16.2-13.el7_6.5  ce-updates   1.4 M

On my current desktop distro if I don’t read their announces I don’t proceed (bad past experiences).

When using SSH, please use screen first before performing an update. Call me paranoid :wink:

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Oh my!! I always use screen for updates in NS, now writing this post I forgot to use it!
This vacations were bad for me :crazy_face:

— edit
I was lucky this time:



Yes but we don’t list every updates just biggest ones #announcements

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