Ampache on NS7.4


there have already been some test with streaming services, but which one should now use reasonably.

I’ve been playing with AMPACHE for a few days and somehow I can not come up with a decent result.
I would like to include my local release / music (/ ibay / music ~ 260GB - domain user).
When cataloging finds ampache all directories makes a wonderful catalog, but when playing write it into the httpd / access.log: 403

"GET /play/index.php?type=song&oid=289&uid=1&name=Queen%20-%20One%20Vision%20-Queen-.mp3 HTTP / 1.1" 403 216 "-" "Audacious / 3.9 neon / 0.30.2 "

403 = forbidden :unamused:
The problem is known but the solutions are incomprehensible - at least for me

Does anyone have advice on how to set the rights that the apache gets read access to?

or what solutions do you still know?

Thank you!


Could you give us some links to the solutions?

But I would say, took the ownership of the folder to the ampache user, so you shouldn’t have a rights problem anymore.

Here is the info:

I’m already thinking of whether I create a symbilischen Link bzz hard link the directory in the virtual server.
Or mount the Samba release music on / media / music.

But somehow, everything is not a sensible solution.

Hi @gerald_FS,
Sorry for late response, I had holidays some days. Please tell us something about the rights of the folder, who owns it and who could read write and execute?

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A picture says more than 1000 words :wink:

permission = 42775
owner = root
group = domain