Alter the NS7 for public/local

Is it a setting to alter the server to be accessed from the web and not?
I can access my NS7 from local network but not from the web.

You want to access from outside the local network?

That is correct!

you must create a port forwarding

Any dynamic dns? or you have a fixed public IP

I have a fixed IP and the router DMZ is set to (where the NS7 is listening)

you have a modem/router? your NS ip is

I have several configurations done to my clients:

one with fixed ip: ip access directly using the fixed, with the port assigned
others with dyndns

Yes a router and the NS ip is and I can access it from local network but not from outside the router.

Ok, very easy.

You have a Dynamic DNS account? or check the router settings and redirects all between wan be directed to the NS ip and port.

That would be the same using a dynamic address in NS

It is not easy for me :slight_smile:
It works ok with DMZ in the router is set for and I am using SME-server but not with the NS7.
Looks like a Firewall is stopping access from outside.
I go to sleep now!


I have installed NethServer release 6.8 (Final) and now I can access 6.8 from outside. But not the nethserver-7.2.1511-beta1-x86_64

As long as I can’t access 7.2 I use 6.8
Or as long I got no help to solve the problem I use 6.8

I think your problem has just been fixed:

Could you please test the fix?
Thank you.


@Foa your problem is fixed and verified. It’s going to be released pretty soon. Thanks for reporting! :ok_hand:

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Just throwing my 2 Cents here, but I would not recommend allowing access to your NS Server/router without traversing a VPN or other secured tunnel. I’m sure your securing with SSL, but security vulnerabilities are found semi-regularly with SSL implementations (Drown, Heartbleed, Poodle). While a secure tunnel isn’t a guarantee it does force a double hop/check to get to your admin interface.

I will do that. But at the moment I am busy. Tell You when I do it.
Thanks for all help.

It works fine!
So now I am pleased to be able to use NS7