Almost as exciting as Star Wars... Encryption.. for Free

It’s finally here!


It’s a revolutionary service, for NethServer as well


It’s in public beta since yesterday: :grinning:

We’ll have it on our Discourse really soon

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some links to check…

well, havin it on “our” discourse (an hosted app) isn’t really helpful :slight_smile:

and, BTW, having it running on a production server during the beta stage (certs expire after 3 months) is nor safe or smart…

the aim is to have it running on our servers, without the need of using git, and reducing almost to 0 the impact on the original install
centos6 comes with python 2.6 that is quite unsupported… upgrading python is not an option (will break yum), running letsencrypt with python2.7 using SCL is not easy as 1,2,3

People asked me many times https connection here and that’s the way. So, yes, it’s useful for me :smile:

Guess we will have it definitely on 7

its 11 months already and I don’t know how to use it :grin:. Always set up my internal server with a self-signed cert. I read somewhere that you’ll need to renew every 3 months and the cert is only for a single server…wildcard not supported.

Certs are automatically renewed :slight_smile:
You can’t have a wildcard certificate, but you can have has many hostname you want inside the same cert!

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That’s nice to hear @giacomo!