Allow user to Nextcloud

NethServer Version: 7
Module: nextcloud webtop AD

Hi all,

on my NS I use nextcloud for some time without problems. I now want to give my wife access to NC as well. I followed instructions from here. (although first part of that was already done ofcourse).
However, inside Webtop interface clicking on the new cloudsource returns a popup with “error”, logging in to the nextcloud interface can not be done (no error).
When logging in to the nextcloud-interface as admin, I see my own user listed, but not my wife’s. Do I have to insert my wifes user manually here? (I can’t remember if I did so for my own user…)


What account provider do you use? In some way, the accounts from the account provider of choice should be available for nethserver-nextcloud too…

I use Active Directory local accounts provider.
(I make use of the samba file-sharing option).
Since I have a small set of of fixed users (wife & children), adding them manually to nextcloud is an option.
But, does that have any risks?

The user must login at least once, than it will appear on the user list.
AFAIK after the first login on NC, the integration on WebTop should work using the doc you already read. Am I right @lucag?

Can you eleborate on “The user must login at least once, than it will appear on the user list.” ?
Where should a user log into first, and where should it appear then?

When a user is not known in nextcloud, it seems to me that he cannot login to the nextcloud webinterface?
My wife has been logging in on the webtop interface for years, but she does not appear on te nextcloud userlist. When adding NC as resource to the webtop interface, it results in an error when trying to expand the created resource.

To reproduce:

  • I’ve created a fresh user test2.
  • I logon to webtop with it, sent and receive some mails.
  • I add the cloud resource nextcloud in the webinterface of webtop.
  • when trying to expand the resource, it results in an error (see picture).
  • when trying to login to the nextcloud webinterface, I get “wrong username or password”.
  • When checking userlist (as admin) in NC webinterface, test2 is not there.

And as I said, manual adding a user to NC with same name & pw is a workarund I can live with, but will that have any drawbacks?

The user must login into Nextcloud interface. Than the user will be visible from the Nexctloud admin interface.

So when you access nextcloud with the nextcloud admin account, AD users aren’t listed? Do you have a custom config change?

Where ?, on NethServer’s local AD provider?

no, AD-users are not listed in the NC-admin interface. Only “admin” and my own user, of which I cannot remember if I’ve added it manually. I am not aware of any custom changes…

User test2 was created in the admin-interface of nethserver.

When trying to logon in NC-webinterface it is denied; wrong username/password, or simply no reaction at all.

AD integration with nextcloud shall have been done automatically. Can you check your Nextcloud AD settings (Settings > Administration: LDAP/AD integration)?

sudo -u apache scl enable rh-php72 -- php -dmemory_limit=512M /usr/share/nextcloud/occ ldap:show-config
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hmmm, there are no LDAP/AD settings… See attachment:


the command returns a big red box:

root@helium:~> $ sudo -u apache scl enable rh-php72 – php -dmemory_limit=512M /usr/share/nextcloud/occ ldap:show-config

There are no commands defined in the “ldap” namespace.

So, it seems there is something missing …

The LDAP user and group backend app is missing. Try to enable or install the app and AD users shall be up and running. :wink:


Hi Marc,
thx for your help.
Indeed, in the apps section, LDAP was disabled. I’ve enabled this app, and now it appears in the settings-menu.
However, it is not configged: all fields are empty, and a warning is displayed:
Configuration incomplete
I’ve tried configing it , but I guess it’s not fully OK.
When looking at the userlist, I see my nethserver-users. However, the username is a generated HEX-code.
And further: I notice I (“rolf”) appear twice. I guess once (with pic) manually added years ago, and once via the newly added LDAP-integration.
I guess I did something wrong in selecting the fields.
Do you recognise what I did wrong, or should I post screendumps of all config?

Write down your custom settings if you want and let nethserver configure it:

signal-event nethserver-nextcloud-update

That is expected.

Yes, one is a nextcloud internal user and the other one is from AD.

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thx for all your help: I notice the integration now works, even with the strange usernames.
Next challenge: convince my wife to loose dropbox. :wink: