Allow both HTTP and HTTPS (unauthenticated) access

Hello All, As you might figure i am still learning, i have a few nethserver installs done but have another niggle. some users need to get to a particular “part” of a site. However if i set it so i go for a “unauthenticated” proxy i can get to that part of the site. Looks like its not passing any kerberos credentials.
So question is am i able to allow both HTTP and HTTPS (unauthenticated) access for a particular domain or address. I have already added them in domain white list, so i can get to the site, but not to a certain part of it.


You may also add URLs to black-/whitelist instead of domains:


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Hello, thanks, but tried that and no luck, looking at the logs it gets through, but one part of the site gets blocked even though I add it in as you suggested. What it looks like is that Kerberos doesn’t gets passed though and authentication fails because log shows denied. But if I change to transparent with ssl that works. Not ideal though.