Allow a user access to reporting only

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Web Proxy stats

Hi All,

I am wanting to create a local user who can view proxy stats but not open any other content.

Is that possible? I don’t want to give the user the root credentials.


In the wiki you’ll find a delegation module for NethUI server-manager, but I guess with time it will be unmaintained as delegation is now part of the new server-manager (cockpit).
On Cockpit, you can create a group and assign it access permission to different sections of cockpit server-manager.

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I am not familiar with the term cockpit. Is this a name change in 7.7 for dashboard? Or is there a module called Cockpit I need to download?

Cockpit is the new server-manager or dashboard NethServer is using as base (still being worked on).

The new Server Manager implementation based on Cockpit reached Beta stage and is available by default on new installations. Existing systems can add the new Server Manager module from the Software Center page. See also Accessing the new Server Manager.

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As alternative to what @dnutan already explained, you can give to the user only the lightsquid URL, which is something like: https://yourserver:980/very_long_hash.

You can find the link in Cockpit, inside the dashboard of Web proxy application.


That’s even an easier option than what I proposed. :wink:

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Thanks Marc and Giacomo.

Let me try that. Looks like a great solution.

Thanks you.